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Wednesday Jul 11 2018
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Funniest memes from the FIFA World Cup

Web Desk
The meme industry has immortalised some of the best moments from the 2018 FIFA World Cup 

The meme industry forgives and forgets no one. As each day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup rolls by, some seriously hilarious memes have immortalised the football action for eternity.

From ‘baby’ Neymar to England’s Harry Maguire to Gareth Southgate’s famous waistcoat, here’s the World Cup summarised in memes:

Rolling Neymar

The theatrics of Brazilian superstar Neymar did not go unnoticed. The internet was ruthless in the aftermath:

One fan took it a bit further, but Neymar has only himself to blame, right?!

#DaveSaves no more?

Spain's goalkeeper David De Gea had a forgettable World Cup.

Harry Maguire's swag

A photo of England defender Harry Maguire with his girlfriend went viral, and quickly became a classic.

So much so, that it prompted a response from the man himself.

Germany's elimination 

No words.

Worst ever throw-in?

Iran's Milad Mohammadi became a living meme after his somersault throw-in turned into the biggest flop of the tournament.

Maradona steals the thunder 

Diego Maradona could not stay away from the cameras during Argentina's disappointing run. 


The three GOAT contenders were forced to turn into memes after their dismal World Cup campaigns. 

...and of course, #itscominghome!

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