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Monday Jul 23 2018
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ECP clarifies requirements for votes to be valid

Web Desk

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) clarified on Monday as to what would count as a valid or an invalid vote when the country goes to  polls on July 25.

As per the electoral body, a ballot paper will be invalid if:

- It's missing the official code mark or assistant presiding officer's signature

- It's missing ECP's watermark

- It's missing the official nine-matrix seal

- It has a paper or anything else attached to it

- It has stamps on more than one candidate's election symbols

- The stamp appears equally in more than one candidates' boxes

However, ECP explained a ballot paper will be counted as a valid vote if the stamp appears in multiple boxes but a prominent portion of it is in a particular candidate's box.

Multiple stamps on the symbol of a particular candidate, as well as stamps on both the symbol and the name of a candidate will also be counted as a valid vote, the ECP further clarified.

Polling will start at 8am and conclude at 6pm — a total of 10 hours uninterrupted.

This is the first time the polling duration has been extended by an hour across the board in the country's electoral history.  


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