Over 300 Pakistanis stranded in China after airline cancels flight

The stranded passengers have appealed to the Pakistani government for help

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As many 300 Pakistanis have been stranded in the Chinese city of Guangzhou after their flight was abruptly cancelled on July 29, Geo News reported Wednesday evening.

The stranded passengers, majority of whom hail from Chaman district of Balochistan, have appealed to the Pakistani government to help them.

Furthermore, the Chinese police also arrested some Pakistanis after their visa expired. It is expected that more Pakistanis could be arrested in the next few days.

The flight was cancelled as Shaheen Air International cannot land any plane at the Gongzuo airport after it imposed heavy taxes on the airline, according to sources.

The airline had promised to send another plane on August 2 for the stuck passengers but that flight was also cancelled. The airline has also refunded the tickets to the passengers but they have complained that all the other flights cost a lot more than the price they have been refunded.

Ahmedullah, one of the Pakistanis stuck at the Chinese airport, told Geo News that their July 29 flight was cancelled without any prior warning.

He shared that authorities promised to fly them out on August 2 and August 5 but both of those flights were cancelled.

The Shaheen Air International authorities have told us that their operations have been stopped at the airport and that they can’t fly their planes at the Gongzou airport.

“So many people including businessmen, women and students are struck here. There are also about 10 to 15 families,” he shared.

When asked if any Pakistanis have been arrested, he said: “We heard that immigration had questioned two Pakistanis after their visa had expired. The Pakistani passengers didn’t even have any money on them. However, they were let go after some time.”

The authorities told us to make arrangements to return to Pakistan on our own. “We are quite helpless,” he said, adding that they have been constantly in touch with Pakistani consulate but still no efforts have been made.

Shaheen Air International spokesperson, on the other hand, had shared that the airline is working to resolve the issue. The issue will be solved within a day or two, he added.