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Sunday Aug 12 2018

Imran never claimed to ‘bulldoze’ Governor House, says Imran Ismail


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf nominee for Sindh Governor Imran Ismail remarked that party chief and PM-elect Imran Khan never claimed to ‘bulldoze’ Governor House.

While speaking to media on Sunday, he shared that the Governor House cannot be bulldozed as it is a historical building.

“We will open Governor House for the public but we have to see how it can be utilised. It can be used as an educational institute, university, or art gallery.”

It is interesting to note that Imran in one of his rallies had vowed to bulldoze Governor House whenever he comes into power. 

Furthermore, Ismail promised to "set a new trend" during his tenure as Sindh Governor. He shared that he will not be staying at Governor House, adding that he will only use the office of the Governor.

He vowed to minimise the expenditures of Governor House as much as possible. “I will not be staying at one place but rather travelling across Sindh.”

Ismail also remarked that PTI proved to be the biggest opposition party in Sindh, adding that the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly will be from PTI.

He also shared that the name of the opposition leader has been finalised and it will be announced soon.

Furthermore, Ismail said: “We will try our best to ensure that Pakistan Peoples Party will support us in the implementation of development projects. We will work alongside Mayor Karachi. We cannot ensure progress till the elimination of corruption.” 

PTI had announced its decision to appoint Imran Ismail as Sindh governor on Saturday. 

The statement said that PTI chairman Imran Khan has given a formal approval for Ismail's appointment as Sindh governor.

Currently, the post of Sindh governor lies vacant following resignation by Mohammad Zubair.

Ismail, who is considered a close affiliate of Imran, had also won the elections in Sindh Assembly constituency PS-111 Karachi.