Transaction worth Rs8.5 bn discovered from rickshaw driver’s account


KARACHI: In a string of bizarre monetary discrepancies and discovery of fake accounts, a rickshaw driver was found on Wednesday to have allegedly carried out transactions worth around rs8.5 billion from his bank accounts.

The Federal Investigation Agency, which is already on a spree to clamp down on fake bank accounts involved in money laundering, sent a notice to rickshaw driver named Zor Talab Khan.

It was found out that business was carried out through Salar enterprises and Salar Mining in the name of Zor Talab Khan. Moreover, transactions were done through five bank accounts.

From one private bank, a transaction of Rs4.60 billion and from another of Rs3.60 billion was done, mentioned the notice.

Zor Talab Khan’s accounts were being operated by a man called Amar Khan.

The FBR notice sought answers on charges of money laundering and tax evading. FBR sources said that a notice will be sent soon to Amar Khan, who was using the rickshaw driver's accounts.

Meanwhile, rickshaw driver Zor Talab Khan said that he is currently in Buner and will establish contact when he returns to Karachi.

On Sept 30, the FIA froze account of an ice-cream vendor in Karachi, who was found to have Rs2.25 billion in his bank account.

Abdul Qadir, the resident of Orangi Town's Sector 8L, maintained no knowledge of the account and the funds in it.

The vendor said that he came to know about the funds through a summon letter from the FIA, adding that a few years back opened a bank account to buy a house in the Sarjani Town of the metropolis.