Friday Jun 07 2019

Lahore man rapes 10-year-old girl who came to buy milk

LAHORE: A sexual predator allegedly raped a minor girl Friday here in the nearby town of Batapur, police confirmed, adding that the suspect was in their custody.

According to police, 10-year-old M* had gone to the residence of the alleged rapist — identified as Aqeel — to buy milk. Making use of the fact that he was alone at his house, he sexually assaulted the little girl whose cries for help, then, attracted the attention of a passerby.

The passerby caught Aqeel red-handed, informed the police, and handed him over to them.

The girl was shifted to a local hospital for medical treatment and test.

A first information report (FIR) was filed in this regard, police stated, adding that further investigation was underway.

*Survivor's name withheld to protect her identity