Karachi traffic police collect record Rs55m in challans during month-long helmet campaign

Zeeshan Shah

KARACHI: Traffic police in Pakistan's southern port city collected a record total of Rs55 million in challans during one month since the helmet campaign was launched.

The Karachi traffic police further seized 236,000 motorcycles apart from the Rs54,848,700 in fines over violations of traffic rules, marking a record in the collections.

According to the authorities, the violations comprised not wearing helmets, not carrying official documents, including licenses and vehicle registration papers, and driving wrong-way, among others.


The campaign, which was launched by deputy inspector-general (DIG) of police for traffic, aimed to catch red-handed those who violated traffic rules as well as consistently failed to wear helmets.

Karachi traffic police also sold helmets at discounted rates, they said.

The campaign, which was carried out in all of Karachi's districts — including East, West, South, City, Malir, and Korangi — collected Rs6.5 million for driving wrong-way during 10 days and more than Rs365,000 for not wearing helmets.

According to traffic police officials, such an amount has never been collected through challans in a month in Karachi traffic police's history.