Mufti Abdul Qavi says nothing wrong with taking selfies

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Mufti Abdul Qavi was recently acquitted by a court in the murder case of Qandeel Baloch-File photo

Mufti Abdul Qavi on Friday expressed his views on selfies, Qandeel Baloch murder, the lunar calendar, and legislation that he intends to introduce to promote religious tolerance.

Speaking to the media days after being acquitted in the 2016 murder case of Qandeel Baloch, the cleric said his name was not among those involved in the murder of the social media celebrity.

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Qavi, who is the chairman of Madaris Board, also responded to a question about taking selfies.

He said there was nothing wrong with the practice since making pictures is allowed.

He said he has 70,000 selfies snapped on different places and still willing to pose with anybody who wants to take a picture with him.

Talking about  Fawad Chaudhry's lunar calendar, he said neither the minister nor Ruet-e-Hil Committee chairman was wrong on the issue of moon-sighting.

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He said he has prepared a draft law to prohibit people from discussing other people's believes.

Mufti Abdul Qavi said he would soon send it to the law minister and the prime minister for approval, expressing the hope that the opposition parties would support the legislation.

Speaking about his political affiliation, the cleric said he is still part of the Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf.