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Tuesday Oct 22 2019

Welcome Eve for newly arrived Pakistani students in Berlin

More than 5000 Pakistani students are studying in various programs at top-ranked German Universities. Photo: Reporter

It is late Fall in Berlin, as Germans say, 'Berlin genießt den goldenen Oktober.' (Berlin is enjoying golden October.)

Yellow leaves are falling, and the streets are full of vivid leaves. "I enjoy walking on golden jaundiced-looking leaves scattered all over the floor, with a cool zephyr around, said Bushra Rahimuddin, a newly arrived Pakistani student from Hyderabad.

Bushra came to Berlin just a month ago to do her MS in neuroscience at Charite Medical University in Berlin. For her, when the weather becomes too drizzly, she starts to miss the shining weather of Hyderabad, Sindh.

Germany a preferred choice for Pakistani Students

As of Winter the Semester has started in German Universities, hundreds of new international students start their academic year across the country. Recently, Germany has become an attractive destination for Pakistani students to pursue their Higher Education. More than 5000 Pakistani students are studying in various programs at top-ranked German Universities.

Yes, the number of male is higher than female students, but it is gradually rising, and many Pakistani girls arrive for Masters and Ph.D. research programs. Bushra is one of them. She wants to explore highly research-oriented programs in the field of neurosciences. According to her, with high-quality education and world-class academic staff, one can adequately prepare himself/herself for future goals.

From Hyderabad to Berlin

After finishing her BS (Hons) in Biotechnology from Sindh University, Bushra got a scholarship of Erasmus Mundus for the neurosciences program. Now, she is living in a hostel located in the district 'Mitte' of Berlin. She enjoys living in a multicultural environment because, at the 'House of Nations' hostel, students share exquisite food, diverse culture, & they help out each other in daily tasks. 'Sometimes, we seek each other’s help even in study, in kind of study groups, she said.

German Capital is famous for its multiculturalism as a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. According to Bushra, student life in Berlin has a lot to offer. As an additional liveliness, she has joined "climbing clubs" & "cycling class." "Nobody can feel lonely in Berlin " she said.

PSA's Welcome eve at Pakistan Embassy

Pakistan Students Association (PSA) organized a welcome evening at the Embassy of Pakistan in honor of, the students who recently arrived in Berlin from Pakistan.

H.E Ambassador Jahaur Saleem welcomed the new students. In, his motivational and encouraging speech, he emphasized, "as goodwill ambassadors of Pakistan, you have to work and contribute to boost the image of our country." The Embassy of Pakistan also urges young Pakistani students for their participation in promoting the culture and image building activities.

Later on, executive member of PSA Tauseef Nauman shared objectives of the Pakistan Student Association. Firstly, to inform the students about the basic rules & regulations i.e., Health insurance, police registration & how to find affordable accommodations, etc.

Along, with other newly arrived students, Bushra had also attended the welcome evening. She got to know the answers of FAQs, where to go once landed in Berlin. "It was a perfect platform to know the Pakistani community and to sort out many student issues, she said.

PSA Berlin plans meets between local German, European and Pakistani students, so they can exchange viewpoints, learn, and socialize with each other.

Also speaking at the event, well-known Pakistani Astrobiologist Dr. Nozair Khawaja shared his wisdom with young students, of being a researcher at Heidelberg University, before making his mark in the field of Astrobiology.

In the end, Bushra felt motivated as, she now has an idea regarding the sort of challenges to be encountered, in the next two years until she acquires her Master's degree in Neurosciences with flying colors.