Friday, November 15, 2019

Man who 'supplied' kids to child rapist Sohail Ayaz arrested as police widen search

Man, identified as Khurram, alias Kala, supplied a child to Sohail Ayaz before latter's arrest on Tuesday but they recovered the boy

RAWALPINDI: A man who reportedly "supplied" kids to Sohail Ayaz — arrested a few days ago over allegations of child sexual abuse — was detained on Friday as authorities widened their search, a spokesperson for Rawalpindi police confirmed.

The spokesperson said they have decided to widen the search and investigation area to other cities to nab the various accomplices of Ayaz, who ran a child pornography ring on the so-called Dark Web. Khurram, alias Kala, confessed to providing innocent minor children to Ayaz for rape, they added.

The spokesperson noted that Khurram, alias Kala, had supplied a 12-year-old child to Ayaz before the latter's Tuesday arrest but that the team, formed by the city police officer (CPO) for Rawalpindi, Captain Faisal Rana, recovered the boy as well as a vehicle.

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Both arrested men raped the child, who sold eggs for a living and has now been recovered, continuously for at least two months, police added. They were involved in consuming and selling crystal methamphetamine — commonly known as just ice — and heroin.

CPO Rana further said the decision to expand the search area was taken after the police team arrested Khurram.

Back on Tuesday, Ayaz — the leader of an international child rapist gang who live-streamed abuse — was arrested, police had confirmed, adding that he had confessed to sexually assaulting 30 children during questioning.

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Rawalpindi police had said Ayaz — arrested from the city's Rawat area — was suspected to have kidnapped and raped multiple children. He was working with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Governance and Policy Project as a consultant.

Police had also explained Ayaz was deriving a salary of Rs300,000 and other benefits from the project since the past two years. "The suspect is 46 years old and is a Chartered Accountant," a Rawalpindi Police spokesperson had said.

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"He has been living in Rawalpindi's DHA Phase 8 area since 2009 when he was deported from the UK," police added, noting that Ayaz's marriage ended in a divorce and he has a daughter as well.

Ayaz used to spend most of his salary on the equipment used to record the live-streaming of rapes. "We have sent his laptop and equipment to the forensic lab for tests," the spokesperson had said.

According to CPO Rana, the alleged sexual predator has confessed to raping at least 30 minors and was earlier deported from both Britain and Italy after serving jail sentences for similar crimes.


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