Sunday Nov 17 2019

Watch: Gujranwala shopkeeper makes robbers flee by firing at them


GUJRANWALA: A scrap dealer surprised robbers by firing at them from a rifle, before they could get to him. 

In the video, three men can be seen approaching a shop on a motorcycle at Gondlanwala Road. An elderly scrap dealer spots the robbers from his desk and opens fire at them from a rifle. 

The three robbers can be seen in the video, leaving their motorcycle behind and fleeing as the shopkeeper continued to fire at them. 

DSP Rawlapindi said that a robbery had taken place a few days ago at the scrap market. He said that ever since the robbery took place the scrap dealer had started keeping a gun with him for safety. 

According to police, the exchange of fire between the scrap dealer and the robbers took place four days ago.