Lahore woman sets social media ablaze with powerhouse rendition of classic poem

Poem performed at 2019 Faiz Mela held in the provincial capital

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A powerhouse rendition of a famous patriotic poem by Bismil Azimabadi has gone viral on the internet in which a woman from Lahore can be seen reciting the verses of the poem to a charged audience. 

In a video posted on the social networking website Twitter by multiple users, the woman is seen narrating the important verses of the poem as the crowd gathered around her chant and clap with approval. 

The woman is seen whipping up the emotions of the crowd with a grand recitation and has earned praise from different sections of the society on social media, most especially on Twitter. 

The performance of the poem, which on Twitter was erroneously attributed to Faiz Ahmed Faiz, was organised by students at the 2019 Faiz Festival held in the provincial capital last week. The festival aimed to highlight the revolutionary poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. 

"Everything about this clip is great," commented Umair Javed, a sociologist and professor at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences, praising the woman for her recitation. 

"What a powerhouse," said another user Maleeha, apparently lost for words after seeing the empowering video. Maleeha is a student of media and politics, according to her Twitter profile. 

However, some were also critical of the woman, accusing her of catering to the elite and being confused about her principles, a charge that those on the left often have to face in Pakistan. 

"Socialistic revolution that they are shouting for has long been a history now n all these confused kids don't even know which freedom they are asking for n what was the base of Marxism or socialism......are they ready to leave the begins at home," wrote a user.