Wednesday Nov 27 2019

Yazman man strangles wife to death, shoots dead her friend over 'honour'

BAHAWALPUR: A man strangled his wife to death and shot dead her friend over the so-called "honour" in Yazman, near Cholistan's Derawar area, suspecting that the two had illicit relations, police said, confirming they had registered a first information report (FIR) over the double murder.

Police said the man, identified as Hasan, strangled his wife by tying a noose around her neck and opened fire on her friend, Subhan. The suspect then fled the crime scene, they added.

Police further explained that the suspect, Hasan, suspected his wife and her friend, Subhan, were having an extra-marital affair, which is why he killed them both.

The bodies were shifted to the tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital of Yazman, police said, and the FIR was filed at the Derawar police station.