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Wednesday Jan 15 2020
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Reporter Amin Hafeez goes viral again, this time with sword in hand

Web Desk

LAHORE: Geo News reporter Amin Hafeez broke the internet yet again when he unsheathed a sword while presenting the news of a wedding that took place in the royal kitchen of the Lahore Fort on Tuesday. 

A few days ago, the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) sprung into action after it emerged that a wedding event had been held at the heritage.  The Fort has been recognized by the UNESCO as an endangered monument and has been listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger. The WCLA suspended the Fort's in-charge and announced it would take legal action against the company that organised the event. 

Being his flamboyant self, Hafeez decided to present the news dressed up in clothes fit for a king and unsheathed a sword in front of the camera. He belted out the words, sheathing and unsheathing the sword a couple of times: "Who held a wedding at our royal kitchen? Punishment will be given."

As expected, the video went viral on social media, generating hilarious responses from netizens.  

Hafeez has amassed a fan following after his previous reporting stints went viral on social media as well. Once, while reporting on the rain, he proceeded to dance with people while the camera filmed him. 

On another instance, while covering an event involving fisherman, he struggled to hold the mic with one hand and a live fish gasping for breath, in another. There was another time when he he thrust his microphone towards a cow and started asking the animal questions.