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Thursday Jan 16 2020
Web Desk

UAE vlogger Khalid Al Ameri spellbound by Pakistan's hidden beauty

Web Desk

UAE vlogger Khalid Al Ameri enchanted as he unveils the 'truth about Pakistan'

Emirati travel vlogger Khalid Al Ameri is the latest to be swept away by the beauty of Pakistan as he tours the country and shows his massive fan following the hidden beauty of the region.

Turning to his social media, the social media influencer from the United Arab Emirates showed his followers how his perspective about the country took a 180 degree turn soon after he landed.

In a video titled ‘The Truth About Pakistan’, Ameri wrote: “I have fallen in love with Pakistan and its incredible people.”

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this trip is don't always believe what the media tells you about a country or a community, visit for yourself, see for yourself and more often than not you will be surprised by the kindness, beauty and hospitality you will experience,” he added.

In the video filmed by internet sensation, he can be seen roving about the federal capital, Islamabad and getting enchanted by the scenic landscapes, the rich culture and the warmth of the people who welcomed him into the country with open arms.

“When I told people I was coming to Islamabad in Pakistan, everyone had their perception of what this city was going to look like. But I can tell you one thing. Their perception is completely different from the reality that I saw today.”

“I have been inspired by the people I’ve met that have built this city into what it is today. That want to represent a Pakistan of tomorrow. And that, is what makes this country, and its people, truly, truly special,” he added.

Ending the video, Ameri uttered a chirpy “Shukriya Pakistan!”