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Tuesday Jan 28 2020
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Watch: UK envoy expresses love for Pakistani food and cities in Urdu

Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Who knew British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr Christian Turner, was a huge fan of the biryani that Karachi has to offer or Lahore's sumptuous meals. Interestingly, he expressed his love for Pakistan's foods and cities in impressive Urdu. 

The UK high commissioner was speaking to Geo News anchor Hamid Mir during his programme 'Capital Talk' where he made some interesting revelations, that too, in Urdu. 

"Well, I should say first of all, Pakistan boht khoobsurat hai (Pakistan is very beautiful)," he said, much to Mir's delight. "Meri Urdu kharab hai. Thodi jaanta hun." (My Urdu is bad, I know a little of it)."

In response to a question by Mir as to when Pakistan can host English cricketers on its home soil, he said,"Ahista ahista (slowly, slowly). We will take small steps [towards it]," he added. 

Turner agreed with the old saying "Lahore Lahore Hai (Lahore is Lahore)" and said that all he had done for three days when he visited the Old City was eat. The envoy revealed he was fond of Karachi's biryani when he said it was "Boht mazedaar (very delicious)". 

When Mir told him that the next time Turner comes to 'Capital Talk', he would like to conduct the British envoy's entire interview in Urdu. 

"Insha'Allah," he said. "Makes me a bit nervous."