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Monday Jun 29 2020
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Jennifer Aniston living with a mystery person? Fans spot a clue during live session

Web Desk
Some eagle-eyed fans have now speculated that Jennifer Aniston might not be living alone

Much like the rest of Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston too has been staying busy in the midst of the lockdown through live sessions online.

And some eagle-eyed fans have now speculated that the 51-year-old actor, contrary to popular belief, might not be living alone in her mega-mansion after all.

During a recent interview with Lisa Kudrow on Variety’s Actors on Actors, fans spotted the diva passing on a smile towards a mysterious person in the room with her who was away from the camera.

"Can someone tell me if someone's quarantining with Jen? Look at 0.37 and 1.14,” asked one eager fan.

Some pointed out that the actor could quite possibly be flashing a smile at her dog or even an assistant.

"There's probably an assistant, a lighting person, a tech person for setting up Zoom, a makeup artist etc,” commented one user.

"Maybe her dogs or her assistant,” chimed in another.

Aniston is supposedly quarantining alone with pet dogs at her residence in Los Angeles.