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Wednesday Sep 16 2020
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After William and Kate, Prince Harry now feels ‘overshadowed’ by Meghan Markle

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For Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the tables may have turned ever since they stepped down as senior members of the British royal family. 

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex has been living in the shadows of his wife ever since they called it quits with the royal family and moved to the United States.

As per royal commentator, Camilla Tominey, Harry is encountering a number of challenges as he tries to grapple with the idea of living in a foreign world.

Talking to Daily Telegraph, Tominey noted: "I suppose there is this sense that now he is a father, he is approaching middle age, and he has changed as an individual, a great deal has happened over the past 12 months, how is he going to adapt to that period in his life?”

"There has always been this sense of him being young and fun-loving and cheeky-chappish and now he is maturing into a new role. He is in his wife's shadow in a way because he is out of his territory and in America,” she went on to say.

"I think time will tell how he will adapt to his new life in the coming months, because he is coming at quite a difficult time in his life - and he is posed with quite some significant challenges,” she added.

"Even with talks of Meghan pursuing political ambitions, where is that going to leave Prince Harry?” she continued.

"It's interesting when you consider that he felt overshadowed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he as an individual facing the prospect of being overshadowed by his American wife in America, separated from Britain. It could be problematic for him,” she said.

"So the Royal Family left the door open for them to come back if they feel they have made a mistake. I feel we can all agree that's unlikely it's going to happen."