In meeting last week, military leadership had asked that army not be dragged into political disputes

General Qamar Bajwa's meeting with top political leaders took place in a cordial atmosphere, says Sheikh Rashid

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In a meeting last week, the military leadership had emphasised to parliamentary leaders that the army should not be dragged into parties' political rivalries and had conveyed clearly that the army was “not involved, directly or indirectly, in any political process of the country”, it emerged on Monday.

“If the need arises, the army will stand with the civilian government,” a senior military official had told parliamentary leaders in the meeting. 

According to reports, the meeting was attended by Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and Director-General of Inter Services Intelligence Lt Gen Faiz Hameed. Gilgit-Baltistan's administrative affairs were also on the meeting's agenda. 

The military leadership also told the civilians that the army was not involved in either electoral reforms or problems related to the National Accountability Bureau and other political matters. It also told them that it was the responsibility of the political leadership to work out such matters between themselves.

Details of the meeting emerged a day after Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed confirmed that parliamentary leaders had met the military leadership and discussed matters related to the country.

Separately on Monday, Federal Minister for Communications Murad Seed also confirmed that the meeting took place last week, saying that the country's institutions should not be made “controversial”.

“They target institutions and then ask for time for meetings,” Saeed said, referring to opposition leaders. He had said that the clear message from the military leadership was to "not involve the military in politics".