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Monday Feb 01 2021
Web Desk

Telegram rolls out feature to create polls anoymously

Web Desk
The Telegram messaging app logo seen on a website. Photo: Reuters

  • Telegram has introduced new feature of anonymous polls for easy group decisions
  • Telegram is introducing several new features after it saw a surge of new users post WhatsApp's policy change
  • Last month, it introduced a feature called "Cloud Drafts," allowing users to write messages on one device and sending it through another

As more and more digital users are signing up on the messaging app Telegram after WhatsApp's data-sharing policy change, it has started rolling out new features to retain its customers. 

On Monday, the website announced that it is introducing a new feature, allowing users to create polls on the messaging app — a move which will allow users to easily make group decisions. 

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"Polls can be anonymous and can allow for multiple votes, making them perfect for anything from choosing electing planetary governors to choosing lunch," Telegram announced on its official Twitter page. 

Last month, Telegram had introduced another feature called "Cloud Drafts," allowing users to write a message on one device and send it from another. 

"All progress saves and syncs across your devices so you can finish typing – even if your phone runs out of battery," the messaging app said.

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