Wednesday Feb 24 2021

MPAs to be suspended if dog-bite incidents take place in their areas, rules SHC

  • MPA cannot vote in Senate elections if he is suspended, says court
  • Judges presiding over the case gave "strong remarks"
  • Court not satisfied with reports presented, next hearing on March 16

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court's Sukkur Bench ruled Monday that if any person is bitten by a dog, the membership of the respective Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) elected from that area will be suspended.

The court's remarks came during the hearing of a case related to stray dogs biting people in the province. In response, the judges presiding over the case gave "strong remarks".

A stray dog on a street as people line up maintaining social distancing to buy groceries from a governmental subsidized shop during a nationwide lockdown in Karachi in April 2020. — AFP/File

Responding to the judge, the public prosecutor said that MPAs have nothing to do with the incidents of dog bites, to which the judge said they knew to whom the respective officers paid commissions — and that the MPA must ensure people's safety.

The court said the MPA of an area where a dog-bite incident takes place would not be able to vote in the Senate elections, which are right around the corner.

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During the hearing, the officers had presented reports on which the court expressed dissatisfaction and adjourned the hearing till March 16.