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Friday Feb 26 2021
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PM Imran Khan shares pic of sons Sulaiman, Kasim after Friday prayers in Kenya

Web Desk
Picture of PM Imran Khan's sons Kasim Khan (L) and Sulaiman Isa Khan. Photo: Instagram/imrankhan.pti
  • PM Khan shares a picture of his sons on Instagram.
  • According to the caption, the snap was taken in Lamu, Kenya after Friday prayers.
  • The boys can be seen dressed up in traditional thobe used by Muslim men in many countries for prayers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is very fond of sharing his throwback and family pictures on his Instagram page. Taking to his page on Friday, the premier once again shared a rare picture of his sons, Kasim Khan and Sulaiman Khan.

In the snapshot, Kasim (21) and Sulaiman (24) could be seen standing next to a Kenyan man, apparently the imam of a mosque.

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The two boys could be seen dressed up in the traditional thobe Muslim men wear for prayer across Middle Eastern and African countries. They also wore the traditional prayer caps.

According to the caption, the snap was captured right after Friday prayers in Lamu, Kenya. 

The premier, however, did not provide other details of the picture, such as when it was captured or what the boys were doing in Kenya.

Within two hours of posting, the picture racked up close to 90,000 likes and over 1,200 comments in which PM Khan's supporters and most ardent admirers praised the young boys for adopting their father's religion.

"Masha Allah, so good to see that they are following the teachings of Islam," wrote one user.

"God bless your sons, they are beautiful!" wrote another. 

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