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Saturday Mar 13 2021
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Opposition has obstructed our Senate legislation in last 2.5 years: Shibli Faraz

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Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz. Photo: file
  • Information Minister Shibli Faraz holds a press conference a day after the government's candidates emerged victorious in the Senate election
  • Faraz expresses belief Opposition trying to make Senate election controversial
  • Says elections were held in a free and transparent manner

ISLAMABAD: The Opposition parties have obstructed the government's legislation in the Upper House in the last two-and-a-half years, says Information Minister Shibli Faraz.

Faraz expressed the belief that the Opposition is trying to make controversial the election of the Senate chairman and deputy chairman after their defeat.

He said the elections were held in a free and transparent manner and were not influenced.

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Referring to the Pakistan Democratic Movement's plans for a long march, Faraz said they may go ahead with it, but would not get any support from the masses.

"The Opposition will have to see beyond their personal vested interests," Faraz said.

Faraz highlighted that it is the first time in history that a candidate from the tribal districts was elected as the Senate deputy chairman.

"Prime Minister Imran Khan integrated Fata. It was not an easy task," Faraz said, adding that the premier has long wanted to do something for neglected areas in the past.

He said there was previously no majority in the Senate and important reforms could not be made as there were obstacles.

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"The country was mired in debt, institutions were paralyzed," Faraz said, adding that the same people have been ruling for 30 years.

Faraz termed the government's victory in the Senate chairman and deputy chairman election as the defeat of a system which has been "harming the country for the last 30 years as well as those who doubted our intentions".

He said people did not prosper and assets of the rulers increased.

Faraz asserted that since the country cannot afford to regress now, it is necessary that we support the prime minister.

Those who want progress for the country have won, Faraz said.

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A day earlier, Faraz, while expressing happiness over the election of Sanjrani as the Senate chairman, said that the politics of PDM had been buried.

Referring to the Opposition's accusations of "spy cameras" being installed inside the Senate polling booths, Faraz had said the Opposition staged a "drama" and was the "mastermind behind this wicked conspiracy".