Monday Mar 15 2021
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PDM's long march may not be effective if Opposition does not resign from Parliament: Fazl

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  • Fazl says PDM long march won't be effective if members don't submit their resignations from assemblies.
  • Says PDM will devise a final strategy in tomorrow's meeting regarding the long march as well as the alliance's future course of action.
  • Says even the coronavirus cannot stop the 11-party alliance from proceeding with the long march.

PESHAWAR: The chief of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Monday said it was his personal opinion that if the Opposition MNAs and MPAs do not submit their resignations, then the long march may not be effective.

Speaking to journalists in Peshawar, the JUI-F chief said the strategy related to the long march — which is scheduled to take place on March 26 —  will be finalised during the PDM's meeting tomorrow (Tuesday), Geo News reported. 

"The submission of resignations to the Parliament is also on the agenda of the meeting," Fazl said.

The PDM chief said that the timing of the long march will be decided after consultation with all members of the Opposition during the meeting. 

"All parties of the PDM have mutually decided to start the long march on March 26 and [even] coronavirus cannot stop us from proceeding," Fazl stressed. 

Fazl said that in the past, members of different parties "misused their votes" but the betrayal of a single party member does not weaken the stance of the Opposition. 

"The betrayal of an individual party member should not be associated with the policy or narrative of the entire party, as such a practice is not appropriate," said Fazl, adding that the Opposition is united and the PDM will probe in tomorrow's meeting on why their votes decreased [in the Senate chairman's election].

Replying to a question, Fazl said that "party loyalties are probably changing because there might be some sort of pressure behind it."

"There might be greed or threats involved [because of which people traded loyalties]. Someone must be behind it," Fazl concluded.