Earth Hour observed to 'prevent earthquakes', says Punjab minister Khayal Kastro

Punjab Minister for Colonies and Culture Khayal Ahmad Kastro says "trees stop earthquakes"

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Punjab Minister for Colonies and Culture Khayal Ahmed Kastro on Friday left environmental experts scratching their heads at his understanding of why Earth Hour is observed.

A gathering was observed to mark Earth Day in Faisalabad's D Ground area, organised by the Parks and Horticulture Authority, where school children participated in tree plantation.

Castro had been invited to the gathering as the guest of honour. While speaking to the media, he was asked to comment on what he understands Earth Hour to be about.

The minister responded by saying that Earth Hour is observed so that "earthquakes" can be prevented.

"Anywhere in the world, wherever earth comes — to stop it — the only thing supporting it, is greenery and trees," he said.

"They (trees) stop every [...] earthquake. So we have to stop [them] and make the earth green," Kastro added.

Other government officials standing nearby could not help but smirk at the response.

Every year, on April 22, Earth Day is observed by countries around the world to declare their love for the Earth and to express their determination in protecting the environment.

Earth Hour, on the other hand, is typically observed every year on the last Saturday of March, during which people around the world turn off all non-essential lights for an hour to symbolise the importance of taking care of the planet.