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Sunday May 30 2021
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Watch: Rawalpindi traffic police offer drinks to commuters amid sweltering heat

Web Desk
Rawalpindi Traffic Police handing out cold drinks to passersby, on May 29, 2021. — Screengrab from video courtesy RPO Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi police on Saturday went beyond the call of duty to offer commuters respite from the sweltering heat in the form of cold drinks.

"Alongside fulfilling their duties, Rawalpindi police are offering citizens refreshments," said a statement by the Regional Police Officer Rawalpindi, on Twitter.

Attached was a video showing the kind-spirited cops handing out the drinks, kept in disposable cups atop a parked car.

Motorcyclists can be seen in the video gratefully stopping on the side to grab a drink and hydrate themselves.

Temperatures in the city were reported to have hit as high as 41 degrees on Saturday.