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Monday Jun 14 2021
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Warning of monsoon rains, PTI MPA says Karachi will drown because of Sindh govt

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PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman speaks to the media in Karachi. Photo: File

  • PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman hits out after CM Murad's press conference. 
  • Zaman alleges funds meant for Sindh from NFC award being siphoned off to Canada, Dubai. 
  • Maintenance of law and order, cleanliness responsibility of Sindh govt, says Zaman. 

KARACHI: PTI Sindh MPA Khurram Sher Zaman on Monday lashed out at the Sindh government, warning that Karachi will "once again drown" because of Sindh government's attitude towards governance. 

The PTI lawmaker was responding to CM Murad Ali Shah's press conference from a few hours ago in which he had taken aim at the PTI-led government. 

The Sindh government and the Centre have been at it over the past couple of weeks, with representatives from both sides hurling serious allegations at each other. 

"It seems as if Karachi will drown once again because of the Sindh government," said Zaman, adding that the monsoon season was about to start and the Sindh government had not carried out any work to ensure cleaning of Karachi's drains. 

He said the federal government had taken responsibility for cleaning Karachi's drains, lamenting that maintenance of law and order as well as cleaning drains was the provincial government's job. 

He turned his guns towards CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah. 

"Murad Ali Shah says [the Centre] did not provide us [Sindh government] Rs62bn," he said, adding that the Sindh chief minister should inform the masses about his performance. 

Zaman alleged that funds released by the federal government for Sindh as part of the NFC award were being transferred to Dubai and Canada. The PTI leader said Sindh had been provided Rs1,800bn. 

"Who will account for that money?" he asked. "Grounds, parks, ambulances and roads. All are in an abysmal state. Murad Ali Shah is [only] raising the slogan of 'Pesay Khappay'." he said. 

The PTI leader said he was expecting the chief minister to announce the provincial government's move to issue health cards for the public.  He expressed disappointment, instead, at the chief minister's media talk.