Wednesday Sep 01 2021
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Pakistan starts vaccinating people aged 17, above against COVID-19

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Pakistan starts vaccinating people aged 17, above against COVID-19

  • Government starts vaccinating 17-year-olds today in a countrywide immunisation campaign. 
  • Earlier, government was vaccinating people who were 18 and older against coronavirus. 
  • Government plans to launch vaccination drive for 12-year-olds too in coming days.

The vaccination drive for people aged 17 years or above starts today (September 1) as part of the government's strategy to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Earlier, people who were 18 or older were being immunised against coronavirus in the country.

Last week, Umar, the head of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), and Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination, announced a slew of new steps and plans to combat COVID-19 cases.

They announced that 17-year-olds will be able to receive coronavirus vaccine shots from September.

They also said Pakistan is preparing to offer inoculations to 15-year-olds and disclosed the government's vaccine mandates for anybody intending to travel or attend school.

The government will shortly begin an immunisation campaign for people aged 15 to 16 years, with a date to be announced soon, the two said, adding that residents with impaired immune systems aged 12 and up will also receive the COVID-19 shots. 

Here are some of the latest guidelines issued by the NCOC:

  • Immunocompromised individuals of 12 to 17 years will be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Individuals will be required to produce medical documents as proof of being immunocompromised
  • The general public age group for vaccination has been lowered to 17 years.
  • The Pfizer vaccine will be administered to age group under 18 years.
  • For people below 18 years of age, a Child Registration Certificate (B-Form) number will be used for registration in the National Immunisation Management System.

NCOC's latest coronavirus restrictions

On Sunday (August 29), the NCOC decided to expand the current coronavirus restrictions to 27 cities that too beyond the earlier deadline of 31 August in a bid to control the spread of COVID-19 infection across the country.

The body will review the restrictions on September 13.

According to the body, the decision was taken in view of the growing number of COVID-19 positive cases and the ensuing pressure on the country's healthcare system.

Previously, these SOPs were only applicable to 13 cities.

As per the rules, all commercial activities — with the exception of essential services — will be closed by 8pm. Similarly, there will be two safe days each week, which means that markets will remain closed twice a week. 

Indoor dining will remain banned across the country, while outdoor dining will only be allowed until 10pm each day. Meanwhile, restaurant takeaway and delivery services will continue to operate 24/7.