Flight, train operations disrupted as smog blankets Punjab

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Flight, train operations disrupted as smog blankets Punjab

  • Several flights from Lahore and Sialkot airports face delays due to smog.
  • Smog affects schedule of trains from Karachi and Quetta.
  • Five killed and eight wounded in different road accidents in Punjab.

LAHORE: The central and southern areas of Punjab remained blanketed by smog Friday, which resulted in disruption of flight and train operations in some cities of the province.

Several flights from the Lahore and Sialkot airports faced delays due to the critical smog situation. Four flights scheduled for Lahore were diverted to Islamabad, Daily Jang reported.

The publication stated that the schedule of trains from Karachi and Quetta was also affected.

Meanwhile, motorways were blocked for traffic at different spots after reports of several traffic accidents.

M2 from Bhera, M4 from Shershah to Shamkot and M5 from the Jalalpur interchange to Shershah and from Rohri to Guddu have been blocked.

The motorway police have advised the citizens to drive safe and avoid unnecessary travel.

According to Daily Jang, three people were killed and another was injured in a road accident in Bahawalpur, while two others were killed and seven were wounded when a car plunged into a river in Gujranwala.

Lahore has consistently been ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the world on the Air Quality Index for some time now.