Murtaza Wahab admits crime rose in Karachi in 2021

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KARACHI: Crime in Karachi has witnessed a rise in the past year, with a spike in incidents such as mobile snatching, car/motorcycle snatching, and murders, according to statistics unveiled by the police.

Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab has concurred with this, attributing the increase to the economic situation of the country.

Wahab said that Karachi has seen bad times in 2013-14 and law and order now is much better than before.

A look at the stats

During the year, 24,130 mobile phones were snatched, whereas, 20,743 were snatched in 2020, marking a sharp increase.

Citizens were deprived of 2,060 cars and 50,000 motorcycles in 2021, whereas the figures stood at 1,560 cars and 35,500 motorcycles in 2020.

There was also an increase in the murder rate since 2020, from 507 to 541. Similarly, there was increase in abduction cases from 24 to 55 from last year.

However, the year saw a decrease in the cases of extortion from 151 in 2020 to 116 in 2021.