Saturday Jan 22 2022
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Andrew Marr says Queen's death will be 'ethical earthquake'

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Andrew Marr says Queens death will be ethical earthquake

The Queen's death will be 'ethical earthquake' for everyone as some royals are behaving like 'free riders', claimed a veteran broadcaster.

Andrew Marr, 62, addressed the future of the monarchy during his first interview since quitting the BBC job in December. He believes the country will enter a state of shock when the monarch passes, adding that 'big changes are coming.'

Marr, who feels free to speak his mind after leaving the last job, says Prince Charles and William to “orchestrate a clear-out” with the aim of maintaining the support of the public.

“There is a sense that the whole issue of the future has not been discussed for a very long time, because the Queen is so admired and so revered."

“When that terrible day comes that the Queen is no longer with us, the country will go into a state of shock - it will be like an ethical earthquake and I do not think it is fully understood or appreciated how this is going to be an absolutely massive moment in all our lives," he told the Daily Mail.

“I know the Prince of Wales has plans for reforming the monarchy; it appears Charles and William will orchestrate a clear-out," Marr added.

“I’m sorry to say some members of the royal family have been behaving like free riders, assuming the monarchy — the institution itself — can never be questioned," claimed Andrew Marr.