Monday Jan 24 2022
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Weather update: Karachi shivers as mercury drops to single digit again

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Representational image of a man wrapped in a shawl. Photo: Reuters
Representational image of a man wrapped in a shawl. Photo: Reuters

  • Karachi's temperature drops as low as 9°C, as forecast by Met department.
  • PMD forecasts further drop in temperature.
  • Says weather likely to remain clear, but chilly during next 24 hours.

KARACHI: After a spell of strong and dusty winds, Karachi's temperature once again dropped to a single digit Sunday night, as forecast by the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

The lowest temperature was recorded at 9 degrees Celsius, according to the PMD.

The Met department forecast that the temperature is going to dip further and remain between 8°-10° Celsius. Moreover, the weather is expected to remain clear but chilly during the next 24 hours.

Currently, there is 57% humidity in the city's atmosphere and slow south-eastern winds are blowing.

Last week, the PMD forecast a cold wave and strong winds in Karachi, subsequent to a drop in temperature.

Mercury in the city is likely to drop to single digits ranging from eight to nine degrees Celsius from January 22-26, the PMD had said.

The Met department had also forecast a spell of strong winds under the influence of a system of the westerly wave.

Later, strong gusty winds swept through the city on Friday, at a speed of 45 to 54 kilometres per hour (kmph).