Monday Jan 24 2022
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Platinum Jubilee: Queen orders Prince Harry, Prince William to end their 'nonsense'

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The Queen has reportedly "ordered" her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry to get along ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Queen was already forced to strip her son Prince Andrew off of his royal and military patronages and is now giving attention to the feuding brothers as she wants them to sort things over.

Speaking on the matter, a royal insider told Woman’s Day that the Queen is “tired” of the problems that have rocked the Firm and now wants the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex to make it easy for her by putting their differences aside.

"She's tired of waiting for everyone to sort out their own messes and is personally intervening in everything," a royal insider told the publication.

"The brothers' relationship broke the moment William urged Harry to take his time to get to know Meghan and not rush into anything. As we've seen, Harry's hackles have been raised ever since.

"But the Queen has personally ordered – that's ordered, not requested – for this nonsense between them to stop."