Thursday Jan 27 2022
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Fought a tough war to bring digitisation to country: Murad Raas

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Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas said that while data is critical to make informed decisions and for knowledge, past governments had no concept of data or data analysis.

Speaking at an event, the Punjab education minister said that the PTI-led government has fought a war to introduce digitisation and build a data centre in the country. 

He said that past governments were conducting pilots after pilots, attempting to rectify their errors in another pilot – which meant paying additional money repeatedly.

He said that the country will have data centres and people would see the fruits of PTI's technological advances over the last three years where "educated decisions will be made."

"We conducted due diligence on each endeavour we took and the PTI-led government has not dropped a single initiative," said Raas.

He said his team was striving hard for continuous improvement of the educational system.

"For the first time, nearly 350,000 people have submitted their ACRs online, this is groundbreaking."

Earlier, Murad Raas had said that every information related to school children, facilities and teacher’s information regarding their promotions or ACR would be available through one click which would further bring transparency to the education system.

He added that bringing everything online is the best way to go.

Before this, he said that teachers were tied up with all things other than what they were hired for.

The minister assured that by the end of this year, teachers will be free from all sorts of things they are tangled in other than teaching.