Friday Mar 18 2022

'I'm neutral,' Aamir Liaquat Husain tells Sindh governor

  • Ismail leads PTI delegation to Aamir Liaquat Hussain's residence to get his support for PM Imran Khan.
  • Non-committal Hussain says he would choose a side right at the time of polling.
  • Makes some confusing remarks about his affiliation with PTI and MQM-London.

KARACHI: After hinting at parting ways with PTI, the ruling party's MNA and TV personality Aamir Liaquat Hussain told Sindh Governor Imran Ismail Thursday that he is "neutral" and will make a decision on the no-trust motion at the right time, The News reported.

In its efforts to woo the disgruntled lawmakers ahead of the crucial vote, PTI's central leadership had sent Sindh Governor Imran Ismail to convince Hussain to support the party.

However, the non-committal Hussain said he would choose a side right at the time of polling, and even made some confusing remarks about his affiliation with PTI and MQM-London.

'Nothing is neutral'

While addressing a press conference flanked by Hussain, Ismail that he had visited Hussain’s house just to have a cup of tea instead of discussing any grievance, mistrust, or politics.

“I have a brotherly relationship with Hussain,” Ismail said.

He added that the opposition parties have been making attempts in the Sindh House, Islamabad, to buy the PTI’s lawmakers.

“The Opposition should unite with full force and attack Imran Khan and if he survives, he will come after them,” Ismail said passionately.

Criticising the Opposition, he said that Shahbaz Sharif used to say that he would tear Zardari's abdomen but today they were embracing each other only to get away with the corruption cases registered against them.

“I think nothing is neutral. There is truth on the one side and lies on the other side and we have to see who stands for the truth,” he remarked. Ismail said that in three-and-a-half years, PM Imran Khan had increased the respect of Pakistan in the world.

He said that a conspiracy had been hatched up against the government and all the money was being given to the Opposition by their masters. “Magicians are doing deals in the Sindh House and our agencies know everything and everyone’s file has been prepared.”

'Associated with MQM-L but not with MQM-P'

Meanwhile, Hussain said that he disagreed with the governor saying, “I am neutral and will decide when the time comes after seeing what is right and wrong.”

He thanked Ismail for visiting his constituency. He, however, made some convoluted remarks during the talk.

Hussain said that he was with the PTI and part of the party's parliamentary body, but minutes after that, he claimed that he was associated with the MQM-London from the beginning till now, but not with the MQM-Pakistan.

PTI Karachi leaders Khurrum Sher Zaman, Saiful Rehman, Jamal Siddiqui, and others also accompanied Ismail.