Friday Aug 19 2022
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Prince Harry, Prince William were kept in the dark after Diana’s accident

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Prince William and Prince William were reportedly kept in the dark after the tragic death of their mother Princess Diana in a car accident in Paris, the lead investigator of the case recently revealed.

According to Express UK, Lord John Stevens opened up about the deeply emotional time during a recent episode of the Royally Us podcast.

Stevens shared that the investigating team kept details about Diana’s death and the circumstances surrounding the accident a secret from a then 15 and 12-year-old William and Harry until after a report was ready to publish.

“They didn't know the circumstances of their mother's death,” Stevens shared, adding that these included “when she died… what did she say" etc.

“I think it was the day before the report was published… I said, you know, ‘do you want to see us?'. I went along with two other people who are part of the investigation… we were going to see them at Kensington Palace, (they) said no we only want to see you, that's me.”

Stevens went on to recall: “So, I went in there and we had, it was over an hour, I can't remember exactly how long, an hour, an hour and a half and I outlined what the conclusions were for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then the rest of the time was them asking questions…”

Both Prince William and Prince Harry were barely into their teens when Diana, 36, passed away on August 31, 1997, and were famously distraught and made to walk behind their mother’s casket.