Friday Oct 07 2022
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King Charles’ wife Camilla to be referred to as ‘The Queen’, not ‘Queen Consort’

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Queen Consort Camilla, wife of the new monarch King Charles III, will not be called Queen Consort in some British publications, instead will be called ‘Queen Camilla’ or ‘The Queen’, royal experts have revealed.

According to Omid Scobie, the royal executive editor for Yahoo and a close aide of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Camilla will not be referred to as the Queen Consort by The Times of London, and will only called Queen Camilla or simply, ‘The Queen’.

Scobie shared the news on his Twitter by retweeting Jack Blackburn, history correspondent at The Times, who tweeted: “Many will be pleased to know that The Times’ writers have been instructed to drop the term the Queen Consort.”

“Whatever clarifying use it had during the mourning period has expired. Queen Camilla is now to be referred to as such or, if there is no risk of confusion, as The Queen,” Blackburn added.

Scobie himself wrote: “Moving forward, The Times of London are dropping the "Consort" from Camilla's title and will refer to her as Queen Camilla or The Queen.”

He also asked his followers to share their opinion on the change, and whether they would like to see other publications following suit, to which one user stated: “Camilla isn't the Queen. She is a Consort. The wife of a reigning King. There is a difference.”

Another user said, “She’s no queen,” and yet another wrote, “When they married it was widely discussed and they agreed that she will never be called Queen but Queen consort! Only a month that Queen passed and they changed it!”