SC denies Azam Swati's stay in Quetta's judicial lodges

SC clarifies judicial lodges only used by serving and retired judges

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Supreme Court of Pakistans building. — AFP
Supreme Court of Pakistan's building. — AFP

  • SC clarifies judicial lodges only used by serving and retired judges.
  • Top court says senator stayed at Balochistan Judicial Academy.
  • "Rest house managed and supervised by SC's registrar office": statement.

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan Sunday denied PTI leader Senator Azam Khan Swati's stay at the judicial lodges in Quetta.

A day earlier, senator Swati held a press conference to talk about the allegedly objectionable videos of himself and his wife circulating on the internet. It was also alleged that the video was recorded during his stay at the top court's rest house in Quetta.

However, the SC categorically denied the claim, stating that the rest house is being managed and supervised by its registrar's office and is meant for the use of serving and former judges of the top court only.

"It is clarified that Mr Muhammad Azam Swati never used/stayed in Supreme Court judges rest house at Quetta," a statement by the SC read.

The SC's public relations office further clarified that the senator was instead staying at the Balochistan Judicial Academy (Judicial Complex Quetta), as informed by the province's special branch.

The Judicial Complex Quetta does not, however, fall under the Supreme Court's control.

It should be noted that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) declared the said video fake a day ago. The agency shared its findings with the public after conducting a forensic analysis of the video as per international forensic analysis standards.

It said that the video was made using "deep fake tools to create misunderstanding and defame the honourable Senator".

Balochistan Judicial Academy rejects report of Swati's stay

On the other hand, Balochistan Judicial Academy has denied the special branch of Balochistan's report that Swati was staying on their premises in Quetta.

"The report of Special Branch Balochistan with regard to Balochistan Judicial Academy is misconceived and baseless," the statement read adding that the academy is functioning in an old building on Anscomb Road Quetta for academic purposes without having any facility of accommodation or rest house since September 2019.

Signed by Rashid Mehmood, Director-General of the Balochistan Judicial Academy, the statement also mentioned that earlier, the academy was functioning for academic purposes in two rooms and one small hall situated within the premises of Balochistan University Law College on Quetta's Khojjak Road on rental basis.

Even at the time, as per the statement, the academy did not have any accommodation or rest house facility.