Prince Harry was told not to talk about ‘Kate’s killer legs’ on Prince William wedding?

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Prince Harry is opening up about the conjectures papers made as he prepared to say a few words at Prince William’s wedding.

The Duke of Sussex, who was otherwise not allowed to deliver a speech on the big day, says media made absurd claims about his preparations for it.

Speaking about the media, Harry writes how the press claimed that he called his former girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, for advice ahead of the speech.

“The press reported extensively on my preparations for this intro, how I phoned Chels and tested some of the lines on her, bristling but ultimately caving when she urged me not to reference “Kate’s killer legs,” all of which was horseshit."

He adds: "I never phoned Chels about my remarks; she and I weren’t in regular touch, which was why Willy checked with me before inviting her to the wedding. He didn’t want either of us to feel uncomfortable.”