‘Ramadan Mubarak’: Time for charity, forgiveness and jalebis, says Jemima Goldsmith

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Jemima Goldsmith. — Instagram/Jemima Goldsmith
Jemima Goldsmith. — Instagram/Jemima Goldsmith

As people across the country keep their first fast in the holy month of Ramadan, British screenwriter and film producer Jemima Goldsmith wished everyone a good Ramadan, adding a gentle reminder of what the month meant for Muslims.

Taking to Twitter, Jemima — former prime minister Imran Khan's ex-wife — took a quick trip down memory lane, adding that the Holy month of Ramadan was her “favourite” time in Pakistan.

“Ramadan in Pakistan was my favourite time. A month not just of fasting but also of good intentions & trying to be a better person — no gossiping, swearing, boasting or lying. A time for contemplation, charity, kindness, forgiveness, family & jalebis. Ramadan Mubarak,” the producer tweeted.

In her tweet, the British filmmaker also shared a short clip of her movie What’s Love Got To Do With It? — a romantic comedy starring Pakistani actor Sajal Aly and Indian iconic actor Shabana Azmi.

The clip shows a glimpse of a family sitting around a dinner table. Shabana Azmi, presumably the mother, serves food, as the two young men banter.

Jemima has always been adored by people across the country, not only for her consistent positive representation of Pakistan but also for her association with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) chairman.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, the screenwriter, 49, opened up about her marriage to former cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan, when she was just 21.

“Part of me thinks that if my parents had been sane and functional and able to agree, maybe it would have done me some favours to have had an arranged marriage,” she said.

Her directorial debut, for which she is also the producer, is inspired by her time in Pakistan during her nine-year marriage to the former Prime Minister of the country. The romantic comedy centres around the parallel worlds of modern dating and arranged marriages.

Despite her divorce from Khan, Jemima is still close to him as they co-parent their two sons.