Friday Mar 24, 2023

Punjab police to retaliate if fired upon: IG Usman Anwar

Punjab Inspector-General of Police Dr Usman Anwar. — Punjab Police/Website
Punjab Inspector-General of Police Dr Usman Anwar. — Punjab Police/Website

  • Police to repulse attack by terrorists who harm country's security: IG.
  • Says he was blamed that for hatching plan to kill their own jawans.
  • Police force is committed to ensuring the fulfilment of its duties, he adds. 

LAHORE: Punjab Inspector General of Police Dr Usman Anwar said that if a fire is opened on the law enforcement agency then it would also retaliate in defence. 

Addressing policemen at Qila Gujjar Singh Police Lines on Thursday, the IGP said: "The Punjab Police are the protectors, we are not going to kill anyone, but the police will repulse every attack by such terrorists and anti-social elements and those who harm the security of the country. If fire is opened on police, we will also answer a bullet with a bullet in our defence." 

Speaking about the accusations being made against him on social and national media, IGP Anwar said: "I was blamed that we are hatching a plan to kill our own jawans and then people would be killed in retaliation". 

“Come to any court in the world and form a judicial commission, rather come and talk at any forum of the United Nations. If this is proven, then I will accept every punishment. However, if this charge cannot be proven, then simply deleting the tweet will not work.”

He said that mere blames would not work and truth and reality should come before everyone.

During the address, the IGP said that those who abused his mother were ensured the safety of the women in their house. 

“I gave a clear order to the police force that all women should be given equal respect and honour,” Anwar said, adding that the police were sent on duty without weapons to protect the children of those who abused our children.

He said the current command and force of the police would spare no effort to protect the life and property of citizens and their honour. He directed Lahore CCPO Bilal Siddique to provide better security to Zaman Park.

IGP Anwar also said that the provincial police will play its full role in conducting peaceful, transparent and impartial elections in the province whenever the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announces to hold polls.

The ECP on Wednesday announced the postponement of the upcoming elections in Punjab — initially scheduled to be held on April 30 — citing security reasons as the major cause behind the change of plan. 

Instructing deputy inspector general (DIG) Operation Lahore, the IGP said that foolproof security should be given for upcoming elections while security teams should provide better security to all future rallies.

IGP Punjab said that the police force is committed to ensuring the fulfilment of its duties according to the Constitution and law of Pakistan and would ensure the performance of its duties with the same determination.

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