Royal family ‘drawing a line’ with Prince Harry ahead of King Charles’ coronation

Royal expert reveals why Prince Harry will not be given any official role at his father King Charles' coronation

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Prince Harry has not been given a role at his father King Charles’ coronation by the Buckingham Palace even though he would be flying to UK to attend the ceremony.

According to royal expert Gareth Russell, the Royal family does not want to “complicate” things by giving any important task to the Duke of Sussex during the crowning ceremony.

Speaking to US Weekly, Russell said it’s not “surprising that Prince Harry hasn’t been given a role” in one of the most historic events of the contrary,

The expert added that the Firm made the decision to “not to complicate matters further by having him involved, simply because the royals are hoping that they can draw a line under the recent controversy with the Duke of Sussex.”

Even though the estranged royal won’t be a part of the ceremony, he will still be there to support his father on his big day where his older brother Prince William and his son Prince George will have crucial roles.

The 9-year-old royal will be one of four Pages of Honour for his grandfather while the Prince of Wales will present Charles with the Stole Royal and the Robe Royal at Westminster Abbey.

“Prince Harry, as would the king and Prince William, would regret if he wasn’t there,” Russell shared. “So I think generally speaking, the consensus is it’s right that he’s there.”

“It’s probably best that he’s there as King Charles’ son rather than as a working prince of the United Kingdom,” he added.