Jacob Elordi makes rare confession about Brad Pitt

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Jacob Elordi spoke about his first crush in a recent interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In Monday’s episode, the 26-year-old actor made an appearance on the show and played the segment of Tonight Show Firsts with the host.

During the game, Jimmy asked the Euphoria actor who his first crush was to which he replied, “Brad Pitt.” 

Jacob recalled watching the 59-year-old actor in his 2004 movie Troy, and thinking, "That's a beautiful man. There's just no denying it."

During the game, Jacob also revealed the first concert he ever attended when he was 14, “It was Eminem’s gig.” Jimmy responded in awe saying that’s a "great first concert."

The Kissing Booth alum shared that the night before, he slept outside with his mom so that he could be upfront and center, “I wept like a baby when he left. It was amazing.”

Jacob, who will be playing the role of Elvis Presly in upcoming movie Priscilla, ended the game by admitting that the first ever song that he heard of the Rock N Roll king was the track he sang for Lilo & Stitch.