Coleen Rooney opens up about Wayne Rooney's prostitute scandal

Incident occurred when Wayne was 16, and Coleen faced challenge of deciding future of their relationship

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Speaking out: Coleen Rooney has told how she felt hurt and ashamed when she learned that her husband Wayne had used prostitutes at a Liverpool massage parlou.—
Speaking out: Coleen Rooney has told how she felt 'hurt and ashamed' when she learned that her husband Wayne had used prostitutes at a Liverpool massage parlou.—

Coleen Rooney has opened up about her emotions and struggles following the revelation of her husband Wayne's involvement with prostitutes at a Liverpool massage parlour in 2002.

In her autobiography, "My Account," Coleen, 37, expressed feeling "hurt and ashamed" when Wayne confessed to the incident. She described the situation as a "horrible dream" and recalled having "screaming matches" with him over his infidelity.

The incident occurred when Wayne was 16, and Coleen, still a teenager at the time, faced the challenge of deciding the future of their relationship. In her candid writing, she shared the confusion and hurt she experienced, feeling the weight of public opinions and societal judgment.

Coleen revealed that they had secret meetings and summits to discuss the details of Wayne's actions. After some weeks of deliberation, she chose to accept Wayne's apology, emphasising that they were no longer the "kids" they were back then. She acknowledged the impact of Wayne's behaviour on their relationship, particularly when he consumed alcohol, stating that alcohol often exacerbated the situation.

The autobiography also delves into the Rooneys' journey as a couple, from their engagement in 2003 to their wedding in 2008 and the birth of their first son, Kai, in 2009. Coleen shared personal moments, including a miscarriage in late 2008, which left both her and Wayne devastated. The loss of their first baby at ten weeks prompted reflection on fertility concerns and fears of not becoming parents.

Despite the challenges, Coleen revealed that a few months later, they discovered they were expecting again, bringing joy and relief. The autobiography touches on various aspects of Coleen's life, including her experiences during the 2006 World Cup when she secretly flew home to fix her hair extensions after they fell out.

Coleen's autobiography is part of her effort to share her side of the story, especially in the aftermath of the highly publicised Wagatha Christie trial with Rebekah Vardy. The autobiography covers the trial and aims to provide Coleen's perspective on the events that unfolded during that time.

The revelations in Coleen's autobiography offer readers an intimate look into the complexities of her relationship with Wayne, including the highs and lows, personal struggles, and the impact of public scrutiny.