Thursday, November 30, 2023

Endured worst torture in Guantanamo Bay prison, says ex-Pakistani inmate

Ahmed Rabbani says was forced to sit out on ice bare-naked during snowfall

A former Pakistani inmate at the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba — notorious for inhumane practices against detainees — has revealed that he endured the “worst torture” in the American detention facility.

Since September 2002, Ahmed Rabbani, along with his elder brother Abdul Rahim Rabbani, was detained in different clandestine facilities operated by the US government including Guantanamo also known as Gitmo in a case of mistaken identity with all his human rights stripped away.

For 545 days, the two brothers also endured imprisonment and torture in the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) black sites in Afghanistan — dark prison and Bagram jail.

After years of waiting in internment and being cleared for release by six US government agencies in October 2021, the Rabbani brothers finally returned to their homeland on February 24, 2023. Their homecoming made headlines both across national and international media.

Talking to Geo News on Thursday, he said that his time in Guantanamo Bay was “the worst of his life”. “The initial 10 years were the worst and I faced the worst kind of torture.”

Rabbani added that he was forced to sit out on ice bare-naked during snowfall and that during intense winters, he was forced to take showers with cold water.

He revealed that he was hanged upside down and that he was forced into “small prison cells”.

“I was also asked about Osama Bin Laden and other leaders. They asked me thousands of questions. But I did not know anything about Al Qaeda.”