Plan in works for PCB's direct communication with PM Office

Abdul Mohi Shah
A view of the PCB headquarters in Lahore. — PCB/File
A view of the PCB headquarters in Lahore. — PCB/File

  • PCB is currently answerable to IPC Ministry.
  • Summary finalised in this regard for approval of relevant authorities.
  • Former officials say direct contact with PMO unconstitutional.

ISLAMABAD: Instead of continuing its communication through the Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will work directly under the Prime Minister’s Office, The News reported on Friday.

A summary, according to the publication, has been finalised in this regard for the approval of the relevant authorities following which the board will no longer be answerable to the ministry.

"A summary is being forwarded for the competent authorities’ approval after which the PCB would not be answerable to the ministry any more as it is the Prime Minister’s Office that would directly deal with it," a ministry source told the publication.

Since the approval and restoration of the PCB Constitution 2014, the ministry has been the only link between the patron of the board — the prime minister — and the PCB. Any direct link or communication is billed as an unconstitutional act.

In recent times, one of the former secretaries told the PCB officials in clear terms that any direct contact with the PM Office would be considered an act of constitutional violation.

The ministry never likes any direct communication with the PM office from any of the PCB officials. That is one of the reasons why the secretary ministry of the IPC has been included on the PCB Board of Governors to make sure that the ministry stays updated on the PCB developments. But there is a good chance that PCB BoG’s total strength will get down to nine instead of 10 or that any official from the PM office will become part of the board.

The News learnt that a campaign had been launched by some former BoG members to keep the ministry out of the PCB affairs. These former members met the incumbents of the Board and suggested the ministry should not be allowed to act as a bridge between the PCB and PM Offices. They suggested that necessary steps should be taken for the purpose.

In a fresh move, a summary has been prepared under the instructions of the competent authorities where the ministry would be taken out as a link between the Patron and the PM. It is not yet clear who would be answerable to the National Assembly/Senate or Standing Committees when it comes to seeking information on the workings of the PCB.

In all probabilities, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) would be given an extra job to seek information or clarifications as demanded by the members of the Parliament regarding the working of the board or the PCB would be asked to directly deal with the Parliament and Standing Committees.