Royal fans react to King Charles 'highly secret' succession plans

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Royal fans react to King Charles highly secret succession plans
Royal fans react to King Charles 'highly secret' succession plans

Royal fans have expressed their views after a royal expert claimed that King Charles was secretly making plans for his succession following his cancer diagnosis.

Reacting to the claims over the Daily Star report, one royal fan commented, “Charles was 73 years old when he inherited the throne. I can't imagine succession planning didn't begin as soon as Queen Elizabeth's funeral and the official mourning period was over.

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“You never know what might happen and I find it hard to believe the Palace wouldn't put plans in place immediately, just in case.”

Another commented on the Daily Express report, “The succession is clear, Prince William, the Prince of Wales will be the next Monarch, followed in due course by Prince George. What King Charles needs to do a.s.a.p. is deal with the matter of Harry and his offspring STILL being in the line of succession.”

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“I find it hard to believe that succession planning would begin only now. Normally as soon as a monarch takes the throne, the succession planning is in place,” the third royal fan said.