This is what Cristiano Ronaldo has been fighting for years

Portuguese star is fighting this battle for years

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This is what Cristiano Ronaldo has been fighting for years
Cristiano Ronaldo claims that Juventus owe him money. — AFP

Portuguese star forward Cristiano Ronaldo is still battling for his payment which he claims, has not been paid from his former football club.

The 39-year-old opted for Juventus in 2018 and left the Turin–based club in 2021, to rejoin Manchester United.

During Ronaldo’s stay at Juventus, he netted more than 100 goals. Currently, the star striker claims that his former club owes him money for his game.

The Italian club’s new board revealed that they were oblivious about any such payments because it was a secret concord between the old board and the player, according to Juventus News.

Cristiano Ronaldo claims that the La Liga club owes him 20 million euros, but the football team says they are unaware, eventually triggering a legal battle.

The court ruling, mentioned by the outlet, stated that Juve should pay him half that amount, plus accrued interest, totalling 12 million euros. It is

Nevertheless, the Italian cup winners are not settled with the court ruling, taking the legal tug of war further.

According to the report, Al Nassr’s forward is demanding full payment, but on the other hand, the Serie A team assert that they have already made some payments to him and insist they do not owe the Portuguese attacker any more money.

The problem is still not solved and it would take longer than anticipated.