‘You can’t justify NRO II with this’: PTI on latest audio leak

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October 07, 2022

Fawad Chaudhry says people are aware of the source of the audios

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Former federal minister Fawad Chauhdry. -Screengrab

PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chauhdry Friday claimed that the latest audio in which former prime minister Imran Khan is allegedly talking about horse trading in the National Assembly is “edited” and they know who is behind this.

Taking to Twitter, the former information minister said that people are aware of the source of these audios.

"Can you justify the NRO 2 by making such audios? It won't happen. People know where these are being produced and how."

In the latest audio, the comments made by Imran Khan suggested that the meeting took place before the voting on the no-confidence motion was held against him.

The audio mentions a 48-hour time period and it matches with the Supreme Court order that was issued on April 7. The top court had directed the National Assembly speaker to hold a vote on the motion no later than April 9.

It is not clear who else was present in the meeting where the discussion regarding the party position in the National Assembly took place.

This is the third audio of the PTI chairman leaked during the past couple of weeks following a series of audios of the incumbent government leaders surfaced on social media.

In the previous ones, the PTI leaders could be heard talking about the alleged US conspiracy and how to use it in their favour.

The federal government has established a high-powered committee headed by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to probe the matter.

The committee held its first meeting today.


You are greatly mistaken that the number game is now complete

It's not like that...don't think that it's over because 48 hours from now is a long long time

Big things are happening in this. I am playing some moves of my own which we cannot make public

[pause, background change]

I am buying five, I have five. [We need] to give the message that the five are very important

And tell him if he secures five more and it turns to 10, the game will be in our hand

The nation is alarmed right now.

Across the board people are want us to win in any way possible, so no one needs to worry if this is right or wrong - whatever the tactic.

Even if someone breaks one, it will have a big impact

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