Maan Jao Naa — First Look of behind the scenes filming with cast & crew

Nearing its completion, Maan Jao Naa has mostly been shot in Karachi and is set for release in Pakistani cinemas nationwide after Eid

Nadia Faisal

KARACHI: Unveiling its key cast and crew during a meet & greet session held recently at a local hotel; Crew Motion Pictures brings its first film venture into the limelight by announcing its likely release after Eid.

Introducing several first timers both in front and behind the camera, Maan Jao Naa is the second feature film by Dukhtar famed producer Khalid Ali who also shared a selection of behind the scenes footage exclusively with Geo News revealing its first look. A firm believer in promoting new talent, Ali who is currently working on three other film projects set for release this year, says about eighty percent of the cast and crew is made up of new faces and names.

Based on a collaboratively written story by Asma Nabeel and Ahsan Raza Firdousi, the lighthearted romance currently in final phases of filming marks the arrival of director Aabis Raza from small to the silver screen. 

Among its other key debutants is singer turned actor Adeel Chaudhry. Launching his silver screen career playing the lead in a low profile Bollywood flick, the Lahore-based singer/songwriter is ecstatic about his silver screen debut as the lead in Pakistan. Praising crew motion picture’s conscious decision to opt for emerging talent as opposed to the tried and tested, Chaudhry laments the dearth of local producers with a vision who understand that newcomers can also act, and occasionally with glorious results.

From ramp to the silver screen, Naaz, making a name for herself in the modelling world, is perhaps the most awaited and talked about newcomer set to launch her silver screen career with this upcoming film venture. Born in Germany the beautiful Iranian model is multilingual and a trained dancer. Speaking fluently in Urdu during the meet & greet event, the model turned actress visibly excited about playing the female lead opposite Adeel Chaudhry also reveals her surprise at her unexpected debut in a film from Pakistan.

In addition to Naaz and Adeel Chaudry, the cast a mix of young and established names includes Hajra Yasmeen, Ghana Ali, Naeem Haq, Asma Abbas and Nayyar Ejaz. Leading among the senior lot is Asif Raza Mir. Playing the role of Naaz’s/lead lady's father in the film, the seasoned actor also shares his thoughts about the experience working in this light-hearted romance.

Nearing its completion, Maan Jao Naa has mostly been shot in Karachi and is set for release in Pakistani cinemas nationwide after Eid.